D for Design, Interior Design, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, NZ


An Interior Designer uses the art of Interior Styling or Home Styling to beautifully arrange and creatively utilise your existing furniture, furnishings, artwork and accessories.
It is a wonderful way to refresh and revitalise your home and will make the most of a room's purpose and function. 
You can also contract us to add items to complete the look and desired feel for your space.
e finishing touches will turn any house or space into something extraordinary!



  • A beautiful, warm & inviting living space that you will love to come home to - a space that will delight and inspire you.

  • A refreshed & revitalised home without the major impact of a large renovation.

  • A well-balanced, functional and stylish living environment to give you endless enjoyment and quality of life.

  • A home with character and personality that is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle.