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An award-winning design studio

From vision to reality.


Treated Silk
Seasoned Interior Designer Sandra Aiken from D for Design Interior Design



Sandra Aiken's journey in design stems from her journey in life- a path woven across continents, colours and cultures. Sandy draws inspiration from her upbringing in Europe, time in South Africa, her world travels and settling in New Zealand, on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. Her personal and professional experience provides a unique style and understanding that supports each client's personal views and aesthetics.


With a Bachelor's Degree in Design and an outstanding reputation which spans over 15 years in the design market, Sandra is an accomplished interior designer, stylist and concept designer who offers her clients access to an extensive network as well as exclusive products and materials.


Details are not the details, they make the design.



Discover our process.

We create lux, inviting spaces, bespoke to the personalised requirements of every client, from concept to completion.

Your journey with D for Design begins with a consultation and a visit with your designer to view your home or commercial space. We will collaborate with you to produce a design concept that encompasses your vision and your budget. 


We will then source every item needed-  including construction, flooring, furniture pieces, artwork - each and every detail required to make your vision a complete reality. We'll present these to you with mood boards, drawings and samples.


Lastly, your project will be professionally installed and styled with all of the finishing touches. Welcome home to your rejuvenated space.

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