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Modern Mid-Century Abode

Raumati South, Kapiti Coast

Kapiti Coast Retro Delight

Welcome to our year-long journey of transforming this charming Kapiti Coast abode. From the inviting entrance adorned with cherished aviation memorabilia, paying tribute to cherished memories with grandad, to the modern mid-century design that flows seamlessly throughout the entire home, we have created a captivating living space.


Our design journey was inspired by our client's deep passion for retro home decor. We've carefully chosen a vibrant colour palette and integrated bespoke furniture, special cushions, and textured fabrics to enhance the modern mid-century style. Additionally, thoughtfully incorporated wallpaper adds character to key areas.


In the words of our clients, "It is a stunning design, and we get pleasure from it every day." We invite you to explore this delightful mid-century masterpiece that has brought joy and satisfaction into their daily lives.

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